BYAS Hair Completer (Only available in Singapore)


The BYAS Hair Completer is the world‘s first patented professional hair growth hi-tech device for home use. Like in hair clinics, the most efficient ingredients are used to promote hair growth. The BYAS Hair Completer works in 3 key steps.




1. Stop the hair loss.

The key ingredient in the Hair Growth Serum is Copper Tripeptide-1, which builds a protective wall around the hair follicles and neutralizes the free radicals and DHT. 



2. Let the natural hair grow.

The hair growth serum contains Decapeptide-4 which facilitates the growth of stem cells. Organic stem cells revitalize old and dead hair cells. New strong and silky hair can grow again in a few weeks and months. 



3. Increase hair vitality and thickness.

The key ingredient in the Vitality hair serum is Diaminopyrimidine Oxide which promotes additional collagen build-up along the hair's sheath. The hair becomes much thicker and stronger and more, elastic and durable with every growth cycle.  



The package includes:


1.   BYAS Hair Completer (x 1) 


2.    BYAS IONTO-SONIC Hair Growth Serum (30ml x 1 bottle) 


3.    BYAS IONTO-SONIC Hair Thickening & Vitality Serum (30ml x 1 bottle)     

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