PES Ionizer System (Only available in Singapore)



PES Ionizer System is equipped with dual technology of Electron Spray Ionization & Plasma Corona Discharge that combines the use of negative ions and ozone for good and safe air quality at all times.


·         Reduce stress

·         Prevent moulds

·         Increase immune system

·         Prevent Respiratory related illness

·         Counteracts the effects of smoking

·         Anti-Virus, Anti-Bacteria, Anti-fungus

·         Natural anti-depressant - Helps to sleep better


1.       Dimensions (W x D x H):  290 mm x 115 mm x 305 mm

2.       Weight:  2.83kg

3.       Power Consumption:  6 Watts

4.       Voltage/Frequency:  100 – 240V ~ 50/60Hz

5.       Coverage:  60 – 400 sq. ft. or 6 – 37 m² (Optimum performance)

6.       Control Mode:  ● Mode 1: Purification  Mode 2: Sterilization

7.       Control Panel:  Touch Sensor Button

8.       Display:  LED Ambience Light

9.       Technology (Purification):   Electron Spray Ionization

10.   Technology (Sterilization):  ● Plasma Corona Discharge  Electron Spray Ionization

11.   Colour:  ● Galaxy Black  ● Iconic White


·         Advanced Dual Technology System (With Electron Spray Ionization & Plasma Corona Discharge)


·         Semi-Permanent Technology (With no filters and other consumable parts required except for the basic cleaning of the Plasma Corona Discharge Unit)


·         Silent Operation (Fan-less; no noise)


·         Power Efficiency (Low power consumption of 6 watts)


·         Minimalist Design


·         LED ambience lights


·         Touch sensor button with colour display (Green LED light indicates operation in purification mode while blue LED lightindicates that the sterilizing mode) 


1. Who needs an air ionizer?


People who are suffering from asthma, allergies problem, sinus or respiratory ailments or children that fall sick easily. In fact, every household and office should have one, as it is said that indoor air can be more polluted than outdoor air.



2. What is the function of the Ion Purification mode (Green LED light)?


It is an Electron Spray function that emits electron beam to the air from negative pole which produces anions in the air. The anions neutralize and precipitate positive ions which are bad for human health.



3. When to use the Ion Purification mode (Green LED light)?


It is good to use at places with bad ventilation or rooms with Sick Building Syndrome (SPS) such as bedrooms, living room, study room, rooms for allergic etc. The working range is 5m² - 25m² (roughly a bedroom size).



4. What is the function of Anti-Virus Ionization Mode (Blue LED light)?


It is an Electron Spray + Plasma function that sterilizes indoor bacteria, dust, pollen, mould and prevents their cultivation.



5. When to use the Anti-Virus Ionization Mode (Blue LED light)  ?


It is good to use at places with bad odour, smoke or pollen. For instance, bathrooms, kitchen, smoking area, places with pets or underground facilities where harmful germs, fungus, virus, bacteria or yeast tend to breed easily. The working range is up to 58m². 

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