Diamond Shield Crystal Zapper (Only available in Singapore)



Diamond Shield Zapper is an advanced device which uses frequencies and micro-currents to rebalance and restore your body. 


You can use it in a comfort of your own home, as a universal frequency treatment, users and therapists reported improved conditions after just few minutes of usage.

The special feature of the Diamond Shield Crystal: It offers the ingenious, innovative freqeuncy program "Crystal", which influences the entire meridian system via a specially belly strap. This program lasts 100 minutes and is transferred to the Hara (energy centre) via the belly strap with two metal contacts. The Crystal program thus affects the entire meridian system. 




 ·  Alleviates a wide variety of conditions including:     


- Emerging colds/flu 

- Rheumatic conditions

- Elevated blood pressure

- Allergies

- Chronic infections - Lyme, Bronchitis, bladder infections

- Insomnia, depressive moods


·  Pain Relief through muscular relaxation 

·  Detoxify your body - frequencies eliminate parasites, bacteria, viruses, moulds and fungi

·  Balancing and strengthening the meridians  

·  Recovery - if the body is not recovering as expected, frequencies remove blocks and bring balance in  your body 



·       Memory function that allows all programs can be resumed where you stopped at the last session.


·       A key lock function.


·       An alarm clock function.  Up to two different sequences can be set for an automatic start. The start can be set either with or without audible signal; it can also, for example, be set for every other day.


·       When using the Crystal Zapper the user does not necessarily need to be grounded because the programs run with micro currents, i.e. well below 1 volt, and no negative electric charges and radicals can arise here. So you can run around or even go to bed at night with the invisible belt.


·       It comes with 16 pre-recorded programs


1.      Cable wire for 2 types of electrodes adaptors (x 1) 


2.      Adaptors for the adhesive electrodes (x 1 pair) 


3.      Adaptors for the metal bracelets (x 1 pair)                              


4.      Adhesive Fabric Electrodes (x 1 pair)


5.      Metal Bracelet Electrodes (x 1 pair)


6.      Fabric Waist Belt (x 1)


7.      Rechargeable 9V Battery (x 1)


8.      9V Battery Charger (x 1)


9.      Earthing cable (x 1)


10.   Hard casing (x 1)


11.   Standard Operation Manual (x 1)           



Fabric Waist Belt sizes available as follows:

XS (70 - 90 cm)                

S (85 – 100 cm)                  

M (90 – 110 cm)                    

L (105 – 120 cm)                     

XL (110 – 130 cm)                 

XXL (120 – 140 cm)              


 1.      When the chipcard does not work? 

The chipcard could have been bent. If so, carefully bend it back until it is straight.


2.      What does the message "No contact" mean?

Diamond Shield always performs a contact check at the beginning of a program to ensure that the circuit is closed and the zapping is working. When you start a frequency program and the message "No contact" appears – even though the cable is correctly connected - then in most cases the problem is with the cables. You should order new ones (there’s no warranty on accessories).


Attention: If you "continue" with the OK button, you skip the contact check - by force, so to speak. In this case no therapy takes place. This possibility of skipping the contact check was set up for special applications such as the zappicator program.


Note: Continuous measurement of the contact during application is only technically possible at frequencies up to approx. 50 kHz, but not at higher frequencies.


3.      Does the earthing work even when the device is switched off?

Yes, you can also earth yourself via the earthing cable with the Zapper switched off.


4.      How can I check the battery level?

It is indicated by the flashing LED. Smooth flashing - everything is OK, fast flashing - low charge level. The device remains fully functional until the power storage is completely empty. 


5.      How can I improve the contrast in the display?

In the SETTINGS menu, the second item is CONTRAST. The optimum value is 10. 


6.      How can I run an entire sequence?

If you select a program, e.g. "Feel good", immediately press the "START" button, not the "OK" button. Then the program runs completely automatically. The OK button takes you to the submenu where you can see the 8 frequencies of the feel-good program (Wf 1-8). Here you can select single frequencies from the program and activate them with START.


7.      When I switch on, the message "wrong firmware" appears.

This message appears if you stay too long on the POWER button. Please switch on the device by briefly pressing the POWER button. The Zapper can be switched off by pressing and holding the POWER button for a little longer (approx. 1 second). In addition, this error may occur if you press any key during the start-up.


8.      When you experience zapping tingles unpleasantly or stings on the skin

If the preset current voltage is uncomfortable for you, reduce it during use. Press repeatedly or hold the minus button. You can also increase the intensity – by pressing the plus button. This is recommended for frequency programs that are directed against certain pathogens.


The regulation of the current voltage only works if you have switched off the "Constant current" option in the SETTING menu ("Cons current: no"). In this case, only the voltage is displayed during therapy. If you switch on the "Constant current" option in the SETTING menu, the current voltage is displayed in volts (left) and the amperage in milliamperes (right). In this case you cannot change the intensity during the therapy. The device works with the preset values.


9.      Can we run the Crystal program with earthing?

No, this program is the exception: the Crystal program is always run without earthing cable.


10.   How can I change the length of the metal wrist cuffs?

Raise the blue shutter on the side where it says "open". Then shorten or lengthen the strap and close the blue shutter again. The range is about 4 cm. The wrist cuffs should fit tightly, in order to provide enough skin contact.


11.   Do the wrist cuffs have to be fitted tightly?

Yes, so that there is sufficient skin contact. The metal cuffs can be adjusted by firmly opening the blue flap on the side where OPEN is located. Then move the strap and close the flap again.



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