"My child has suffered from Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) for more than 2 years. He gets disturbed easily and is unable to concentrate well. He also tends to move around during lessons, causing disruption to others.

However, after receiving 12 sessions of Bio-Resonance Therapy (BRT) treatments, he has shown improvement. Not only is he able to concentrate better now, he also has more patience when he is doing his work and can better control his temper.

I am happy with my son’s progress and I have been recommending others to BRT."

Mother of Jasper Chong, 7+ years old

"I have spent a lot of time caring for Pearson when he was found to suffer from severe Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD). I was depressed as my son is often emotionally unstable, which leads to behavioural problems such as being hyperactive, hitting himself or others, and repeatedly scratching himself until he bleeds. Through other parents in the school that Pearson attends, I came to know about Bio-Resonance Therapy (BRT) and decided to give it a try.

Within a short span of 2 months, he had shown signs of being able to control his emotions and he was evidently calmer. Other parents who saw the change in Pearson asked me and decided to go to BRT to seek treatment for their children who also suffer from ADHD.

With Pearson’s improvement, I enrolled him for Occupational Therapy (OT), which is treatment through occupation. It includes play, chores, self-care and schoolwork to complement with the current BRT treatment that Pearson is receiving. I wish to thank BRT for helping Pearson’s condition to improve. I hope that in time to come, Pearson will be able to enrol in Speech-Language therapy."

Mother of Pearson Lau, 6 years old

"Bryan has Autism since he was 3 years old – his attention span is poor, he is always easily frustrated and has speech delay. BRT treatments have helped to detoxify the heavy toxin in his body, and his toxin level are back to the normal range after 10 months (about 30 sessions) of treatments.

Bryan is more verbal, expressive and conscious of his surroundings. His bowel movements are also smoother now."

Mother of Bryan Woon, 8 years old

"My son has Autism and often throws tantrums; I discovered that he has Autism when he was 3 years old.

He has been receiving Bio-Resonance Therapy (BRT) treatments since November 2009 till date. Ever since he started receiving BRT treatments, he seldom falls sick or throws tantrums. Even if he gets angry, he would be able to control his emotions better."

Mother of J C Seah, 14 years old

"My son has been suffering from autism since he was 2 and a half years old, and his allergies would usually last for a few days. Rashes would appear on his skin, and together with his short attention span, he tends to get very moody easily.

After 1 cycle of treatment at BRT, his skin rashes will recover within 1 to 2 days; his concentration improved and he throws less tantrums.

I am happy that my son’s conditions have improved, and I would definitely recommend BRT to people who are in need."

Mother of G H Ng, 10 years old

"Eiffel Neo Jun Wei has Mild Autism Spectrum Disorder (MASD) since 2 years old. After undergoing 14 sessions of Bio-Resonance Therapy (BRT) treatments, he became more sociable. I feel that BRT treatments will be able to help others with conditions similar to Eiffel’s."

Parent of Eiffel Neo, 9 years old

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