Bladder Problems

"During my first check up at BRT, problems were found with my kidney, bladder, liver and lungs.

I was especially concerned about my bladder and kidney function as I would visit the toilet 2-3 times during midnight. Even after visiting the specialist clinic, the doctor was unable to find out the exact cause behind my problem.

After undergoing BRT treatments once a week for 5 months, the frequency of my visits to the toilet in the middle of the night has greatly reduced. Additionally, the dizziness that I used to have did not take place anymore.

On top of all these improvements, my dry skin was also better moisturized and not as sensitive! BRT has also solved my long time concern – constipation - and I feel so much healthier now! After 5 months of treatments at BRT, I went for a check up at the doctor, and the results showed that I am much healthier than I was before. All the results were excellent!

My daughter and son had received treatments a few times with BRT, and the treatments have treated their allergies issues which have been bothering them for long time.

The results of the treatment are truly amazing!"

R Grant, 43 years old

"I was diagnosed with bladder cancer when I went for a scan at the hospital; shortly after, I went for surgery in June 2010.

I heard about Bio-Resonance Therapy (BRT) through my sister last year, and decided to undergo treatment at BRT as I suspected that the cancer may have spread to other areas.

The BRT treatments I have received complemented with the supplements I was consuming and a change in lifestyle and diet has resulted in great improvements in my health in less than 2 months.

I will continue to go to BRT Centre periodically to do treatment and have already recommended several family and friends to BRT for treatment."

K N Hee, 50 years old

"I have bladder, bowel and sleeping issues for 7 to 8 years. I would frequent the toilet every hour as my bladder was weak; my bowel movements were also irregular.

After 8 to 10 sessions of BRT treatments, the frequencies of visiting the toilet has reduced, and I did not have to wake up in the middle of the night to visit the toilet anymore. Furthermore, I was able to travel to places which require long hours in the transport vehicle.

I feel good and energized and would recommend this treatment to others."

C M Chung, 66 years old

"I was recommended to BRT by my sister as she insisted that BRT is worth a trip. Furthermore, its charges are at a lower rate compared to the professional service. My first trip to BRT was without any discomfort, however; it was indeed a visit that benefited my life!

Even though there was no discomfort that I felt, below is a list of some problems that I faced:


  • • Long, abnormal menstruation period followed by blood clots has disturbed me for more than three years.

  • • Weak immune system since I was young will cause me to catch flu easily.

  • • Sensitive nose has caused disruption to my sleep and I am only able to sleep in non air conditioned room with the fan.

  • • Bladder was weak and I was unable to hold my urine. Hence, I would rush to the toilet frequently.

  • • Weight and BMI have always disturbed me for more than four years.


With the consistent visits to BRT, Oasis of Hope and the professional help from my Therapist, my whole body system has shown vast progress –


  • • My menses has no sign of blood clots and it is clearer than before

  • • The frequent rush to wash room has reduced

  • • My immune system has improved, and I will not get flu easily. I used to need to consume 3 to 4 non drowsy runny nose tablets in a week in order to combat with the flu that I have caught! With the help of the treatment, I do not need the tablets anymore!


The improvement in my health is a great help for me being a preschool teacher dealing with young children from 3 to 6. The strengthening of immune system has also improved my productivity both in working and personal life.

Last but not least, I lost about 2 kg! My friends commended that I look prettier and I am able to wear the old clothes (smaller size) again! Thank you BRT, Oasis of Hope!

With the great help that I have received, I would DEFINITELY strongly recommend BRT, Oasis of Hope to my friends. In fact, I have been praying for my friends and sharing it about how it has greatly benefited me. I am not only thinking of friends alone, I am hoping to help children with special needs too. I am very glad that BRT is specialized in this area."

Linda Yong, 45 years old

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