Oxy'z Oxygen Generator II (Only available in Singapore)



It is a high –concentration Oxygen Generator which gives out over 50% of oxygen density that improves your blood flow, basal metabolism, immunity and recovery from fatigue.


·       Boost Immunity

·       Enhance Memory

·       Improve Concentration

·       Increase Blood Circulation

·       Reduce Hangover Impact

·       Regenerate cells resulting in Beautiful Skin

·       Enhance metabolism resulting in Weight Loss                


 1. Dimensions (W x D x H):  80 mm x 186 mm x 290 mm


2. Weight:  about 2.60kg (main unit)


3. Oxygen Generation:  RVSA method


4. Inhalation:  Neck-set Inhaler


5. O2 Concentration:  Approx. 50%


6. O2 Flow Rate: Approx. 2 lit/min


7. Power Supply:  DC12V/SA AC100V - 240V


8. Power Output:  22W


9. Negative Ions: Approx. 300,000/cm3


10. Noise Level: Approx. 45dB


11. Timer: 20 minutes / 60 minutes


12. Colour:  Black & White


·        Patented Japanese Technology 

·        50% Oxygen Concentration  

·        2 lit/min O2 Flow Rate  

·        45dB Low Noise 

·        Negative Ion 

·        20 minutes / 60 minutes Timer

·        Dual Power Tap (100 - 240VAC) 

·        Dual Positions (vertical & horizontal)  

·        Mutiple Uses (use in vehicles & outdoors with optional adapter)  

·        No Special Installation 

·        Easy Maintenance 


·      Oxygen generator II main unit x 1

·      Oxygen concentrator cartridge x 1

·      Neck-set Inhaler (with dust collection capsule & filter) x 2 sets

·       AC power cable x 1 

·      AC/DC adaptor cable x 1 

·     User's manual x 1


 1.       How frequent can we use the Oxy’z? 

The suggested usage for the device is a daily session of 20 minutes. In cases of chronic conditions, it is advised to use the device twice a day. The enhanced Oxy'z II model permits a usage duration of up to 60 minutes. 



2.       When can we use the Oxy’z?

The device can be utilized at any time of the day, but it is perferable to use it in the morning. In the case of chronic conditions, it is recommended to use the device once in the morning and once in the evening. 



3.       Why do we need to have more oxygen?

Our bodies require an adequate supply of oxygen, as insufficient oxygen intake can be detrimental to our health. Please refer to the following table for your easy reference.


Table 1: Effects of Oxygen-Deficient Exposure

Oxygen concentration (% vol)

Health effects of persons at rest


Some adverse physiological effects occur, but they may not be noticeable.


Impaired thinking and attention. Increased pulse and breathing rate. Reduced coordination. Decreased ability to work strenuously. Reduced physical and intellectual performance without awareness.



Poor judgment. Faulty coordination. Abnormal fatigue upon exertion. Emotional upset.


Very poor judgment and coordination. Impaired respiration that may cause permanent heart damage. Possibility of fainting within a few minutes without warning. Nausea and vomiting.


Inability to move. Fainting almost immediate.



4.       Why do we lack of oxygen?

There are 3 main reasons that we are lack of oxygen:

a)      The volume of oxygen in the atmosphere has decreased, while carbon dioxide (CO2) has increased steadily.

b)      Our lung capacity is weakened by aging, while the lung’s respiration is also reduced. This leads to oxygen deficiency, aging and lowered immunity.

c)       Adverse habits and lifestyles, e.g. stress, smoking, drinking, insufficient exercise, high-calorie intake, high-fat diet, etc., also deteriorate oxygen intake.


5.       How does the mechanism works?

The atmosphere contains 21% oxygen (O2) and 78% nitrogen (N2) and other trace components. When air passes through the zeolite cartridge, the nitrogen and other atmospheric components will stick to the surface of the zeolite and the output will generate concentrated oxygen (50% density).




6.       What kind of maintenance is required?

Simply replace the filter cartridge every 400 hours of usage or annually, whichever comes first. 



7.       When do we know when to replace the filter cartridge?

When illuminated red light indicator adjacent to the “Exchange Module” label on the front of the Oxy’z device activates, it signals the need for a filter cartridge replacement. 



8.       Will there be side-effects for inhaling too much oxygen?

Inhaling 50% high-density oxygen poses no side effects, provided that individuals adhere to the recommended usage guidelines (refer to #1). 



9.       Can the Oxy’z be used in the car?

The Oxy's can be utilized in a car using the car adaptor, which is available for separate purchase.      



10.   Who can use the Oxy’z?

Most people can use the Oxy’z, especially the following people:

•     Stressed-up students

•     Tired working adults

•     Elderly folks

•     Active sportsmen

•     Patients with chronic health conditions  (E.g. Asthma, Cancer, Dementia, Fatigue, etc.) 

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