Pre & Post Operation

"I turned to BRT earlier this year after I suffered post-hysterectomy trauma symptoms. It was a difficult period where I could barely walk, suffered abdominal pains, severe weight loss, and other bodily discomforts.

Through this time, my therapist meticulously and patiently attended to me, administering Bio-resonance Therapy with great care and confidence. She is professional and diligent, and takes great care to listen, understand and treat my symptoms accordingly.

My therapist has given me a lot of encouragement and invaluable health advice, factors which have contributed to my speedy recovery and healing process through BRT.

On this note, I thank you for a most fruitful experience at BRT – I have regained much of my strength, and I am free of the pains I had before. I hope that BRT centre continues to help and heal people through BRT technology together with the excellent care provided by the therapists. "

Florence Lim, 41 years old

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