Terahertz Smart Instant Hot Water Dispenser (Only available in Singapore)



The Terahertz Smart Instant Hot Water Dispenser is is a healthy water machine that uses the most advanced terahertz energy generator. It releases 0.96 THz waves to act on water molecules, so as to change the hydrogen bond structure of water molecules through terahertz wave and obtain stable straight chain arrangement of the small molecules of the water.


Feature 1 : Stability straight chain of small molecules of water

Feature 2 : Low viscosity than normal water



With one touch heating ability, frequent drinking of Terahertz water will help: 


• to enhance the activity of the human cells,

• reduce blood viscosity,

• discharge toxins from the body,

• repair every body cell and

• make the body healthier with more vitality.



3 Main Functions of Terahertz Resonated Water: 


1) Anti-Radiation Anti-bacterial mutations, protecting cells

2) Antioxidant — Anti-pigmentation, promote supple skin, anti-aging

3) Antibacterial — (Anti-Escherichia coli 89.4%; Anti-Trichophyton rubrum 86.6%) Improve intestinal health balance, reduce dermatitis, regulate sensitive skin




Features of THz Smart Instant Hot Water Dispenser: 


• Heat-up in 3 seconds and can be used directly 

• Instant THz Healthy Water  

• The Terahertz Healthy Water Promise 

• 6  types of temperature (LED Screen-display)       

• Five water volume for selection (150ml - 500ml)  

• Intelligent memory function 

Soft-touch screen integrated operation: Automatically turn to sleep mode after 30 seconds; Inactivity for Screen Energy Saving 




 1.      Can I drink Terahertz healthy water every day? 

Yes, as long as your body can absorb it. In fact, it is recommended to drink it every day especially for people who are having serious illnesses. Elderly people are advised to consume lesser amount while people with pacemaker or taking strong heart medication are advised not to drink it at all.  



 2.     How to use the THz Smart Instant Hot Water Dispenser ? 

Please see attached picture for usage guide. 





 3.     What are the different types of water temperature ? 

There are 6 different temperatures to select from - 25°C (room temperature), 45°C (milk), 55°C, 65°C, 75°C/85°C and 100°C (boiling). 





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