16-18/3/2012 - Participation in Smartkids Asia (World's Largest Educational Kids' Fair)

27/11/2010 - Parents with Vision Congress 2010 participation

Parents With Vision Congress 2010 is happening on the 27 November 2010 at Ngee Ann Kongsi Auditorium, Singapore Management University. It is a workshop for the public, especially parents and parenting practitioners to know more about their journey of parenthood.

One of our BRT certified energy practitioner, Goh Li Hsing, who is also a registered nurse with the Singapore nursing board and has more than 10 years of health care experience in both conventional and alternative medicine, will be presenting on nutrition and how viruses can affect a child’s development. Li Hsing is also the advisor for this congress.

The workshop also talks about:

- Nutrition that affects your child’s EQ and IQ
- Communication with your child
- Creating work and life balance
- Raising your child’s self-esteem by being aware of your parenting script
- Other parenting issues

Find out more, go to:

29/10/2010 - Collaboration with Quality Healthcare Group, Hong Kong in opening of iWellness Centre

29 Oct 2010 mark yet another milestone for Oasis of Hope (Bioresonance Therapy Centre) to team up with one of Hong Kong’s largest healthcare group – Quality Healthcare Group – in the opening of the iWell Centre.

iWell Centre is established as an integrative centre which employs a multidisciplinary team of professional health practitioners who help individuals achieve optimal health in a holistic, comprehensive and coordinated manner. They are advocates of wellness, amalgamating the science of modern medicine with the art of lifestyle management to reduce preventable and chronic diseases before they manifest. Through word-of-mouth and positive results seen by many of our clients, Oasis of Hope was approached to be part of this integrative concept.

iWell also focuses on health promotion and patient empowerment, allowing individuals to make informed lifestyle choices that result in improved wellbeing. iWell treat their patients under a comprehensive four-stage service umbrella : iCheck, iTreat, iChange and iLearn.

To read more:

More about Quality Healthcare Group:

Quality HealthCare Asia Limited , listed in Hong Kong’s Stock Exchange in 1998 and serving the Hong Kong people for over 140 years, offers an integrated range of healthcare services which includes general outpatient medical service, dental, specialist care, Chinese medicine, physiotherapy, nursing care and many more. Quality Healthcare has a network of more than 580 medical centres and a turnover of HK$1.1 billion in 2009.

04/09/2010 - Participation in the Singapore Cancer Forum


We are delighted to share the news that Bioresonance Therapy Centre (BRT) was invited to participate and share our knowledge and experience on how Bioresonance therapy, together with the traditional medical practices has helped cancer patients. The annual Singapore Cancer Forum 2010, Patients’ and Carers’ track, was held on the 4 September 2010 with our speaker, Gary Lim, Naturopathic Physician, who is the co-founder of BRT Specialist Centre. This event was a collaboration with other participating centres such as the Thomson Women Cancer Centre, The Cancer Centre, International Cancer Specialist and Pacific Cancer Centre.

The Singapore Cancer Forum is an educational event where it is designed to update medical professionals and care givers on the current management of Singapore’s top 10 cancers in men and women. This event provides perspective in both traditional medical practices and the holistic approaches, where professionals and the public are able to participate in.

Gary’s sharing on “Complementary treatment for cancer” was well received. The room was filled and the audiences listened attentively, thereafter, some made enquiries at our booth. With the positive response, we will continue to participate actively in the annual SCF.

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